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Why Choose 
Ocean Breeze Communications?

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Custom message on-hold productions

Ocean Breeze Communications sales force, creative copywriters, voice talent, and production engineers work together to ensure a quality product and quick, professional service. We'll take care of everything from scriptwriting to developing a product specifically for your business. All you need to do is choose the voice and music from our extensive library, and supply us with a few script ideas. Our creative and production staff does the rest...with input and approval from you, of course!

Your productions can talk about:

  • products & services
  • frequently asked questions
  • helpful tips or information
  • special promotions
  • company details (i.e. office hours, location, website)
  • trivia about your company or industry (this helps lighten-up the customer!)
  • or simple, generic greetings
  • whatever you feel is best for your company and clients

Easy, reliable on-hold systems - hardware and files only (VoIP)

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Reliable - There are no moving parts, so there's nothing to break down or wear out. And it works everywhere, including the dusty and grimy areas that defeat other systems.
User-Friendly - Productions are delivered directly via the internet - minimal interaction required by the client - nothing could be simpler! Our hardware player, the MPU5sx, is designed to mount onto the wall next to your telephone system so it's out of the way (we'll even provide the mounting screws and template).
Low Maintenance - With nothing to wear out, there's nothing more you have to do after plugging our unit in.  Installation is easy!
Clear Sound -  We record, edit, produce, and program everything digitally, so there's no background noise and no signal loss.

What does this mean to you?

Every day, millions and millions of phone calls are made and received. Just think of the calls in and out of your office. Although we try to get to every one, some calls need to be placed on hold. In fact, here are some interesting statistics from AT&T and Teleconnect Magazine:
  • 70% of all your calls will be placed on hold.
  • 52% of those calls will be left on hold for over 1 minute.
  • Of those calls left on hold for longer than a minute, 60% hang up before someone has a chance to answer the line.
  • Of those who hang up, 30% will NOT CALL BACK.
  • 88% of all callers prefer custom messages on hold over all other on hold options (this includes the radio).
If your business is open 5 days a week and eight hours a day, and you put 5 calls on hold per hour, that's putting 10,400 calls on hold a year. If you put 20 calls per hour on hold, that's 41,600 calls on hold a year! What if you could gain just an additional 50 cents in revenue from each of those on-hold calls? That's $5200/year! Companies spend thousands to millions of dollars on advertising and marketing, trying to create a particular image, yet they overlook the image they show when putting a caller on hold to...
Employees working with headset phones


How about this: instead of silence - leaving your customers wondering, "did they hang-up on me?" or "did they forget about me?" -- you give your clients something worthwhile to listen to. By giving your clients information about your company while they wait, you increase your sales!


After installing on hold marketing, Air Canada's abandoned call ratio dropped from 10% to 2%.

—  Airline Executive Magazine

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